Aeneas is a Dardanian hero, known well as the founder of the Roman race. Aeneas had many children by his second wife, Lavinia. Aeneas didn't found Rome, but he founded Alba Longa.

Birth & Childhood Edit

Aeneas was born sometime before the Trojan War. His parents were the love goddess Venus and the king Anchises. His parentage was the result of a Phrygian princess (Aphrodite in disguise) and Anchises inviting her to his home, where Aphrodite seduces him to two weeks of sexual intercourse. Later, Aphrodite herself introduces Aeneas to him. He boasts of making love with a goddess, and Zeus struck him with a bolt, making him lame. Aeneas probably rarely knew about his mother. He was first cousin of King Priam and second cousin to Hector, Paris, Cassandra, and many more sons and daughters of Priam. He possibly grew up in Troy, although he was Dardanian.kj;kgjhsohjpothotijh[oitjh[oit

Adulthood Edit

When he became an adult, Anchises' boast told him more about his mother. She soon granted her son a mortal wife and son. he f his mom