Carinus was one of two sons of the Usurper Emporer Carus. The other son being Numerian. When Carus died under odd circumstances, the empire was divided into two, Carinus ruling the West and Numerian the East. Carinus was able enough but angered those around him by seducing and forcing himself on their (senetors, officers and the aristocracy) wives and daughters. Numerian was a sick man and almost blind, he was killed by some of his own officers and it was one of these - Dioclet that executed the suspected guity party. However Dioclet himself may have been involved as he was then declared Emporer himslef by the troops. So Carinus had little option but to face Dioclet. He also had time to put down a couple of rebellions himself before facing Dioclet. When the fighting began Carinus had a much larger army and his officers were able men too. Indeed Carinus's army were winning the battle well enough when they heard the news that their Emporer was dead. Carinus was dead and this was by the hands of an officer, who hated Carinus for forcing himself upon his wife. With this the troops stopped fighting and Dioclet won the day. Dioclet became Diocletien and proved himself to be an excellent Emporer. He restructured the tax system and much cival administration. He was famously pagan and though later Christians painted a dark picture of him, he was a strong man and without doubt the best Emporer of the 3rd century. Carinus was all but forgotton about when Diocletian decided to retire in around 312 to a palace in Dalmatia (modern day Split)to live out his life in peace....

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