About WikiaEdit

Wikia are wiki communities creating free content with the MediaWiki software. These are hosted for free by the Wikia, Inc., the company which runs the project. Anyone is free to start a new Wikia in accordance with the Wikia Creation Policies and terms of use.

Wikicities was founded by Angela Beesley and Jimmy Wales in October 2004. It celebrated its first birthday on November 2, 2005.

About The Romapedia WikiaEdit

This Wikia is a wiki community within Wikia founded on March 31, 2006 by User:Drake_Rapscallion. First text was added in June, 2006 by User:Nhprman

Romapedia Wiki standardsEdit

  • Keep articles short
  • Feel free to borrow content, but not ALL content, from Wikipedia (expand or shrink WP articles, but don't copy wholesale.)
  • Acknowledge content from Wikipedia with WP template. Note "from Wikipedia" if images are from Wikipedia.
  • Be creative, but factual. Keep point of view out of articles.
  • This is a fan site as much as it is a listing of facts (and it is NOT an encyclopedia.)
  • Every article on an Ancient Roman individual has a "FORUM" page for comments and impressions about their lives' impact - then, and today
  • "Roman Empire" here = 27 BC to AD 476. Let The Republic and Byzantium be separate Wikia.
  • Let's use "BC" and "AD" in their standard forms. "AD" is implied as a date when not written
  • Here, Vandals get banned, not assimilated or drafted into the legions. Do not trash articles.
  • Discuss on an article's Talk ("Discussion") pages before making major article re-writes.
  • Seek consensus, not battles (you are not a gladiator or legionnaire.)
  • Suggest "big" changes or structural changes on the Community Portal page. Don't wipe out others' hard work without discussion.

Some helpful adviceEdit

Like other wikis in the Wikia family, anyone can edit these pages, and no one actually "owns" the wiki or its content.

By all means be bold in your edits, adding content and information that you believe others will want to know about.

That said, please also remember to collaborate with others, be friendly, discuss differences of opinion, and be mindful of the work others have done on this project before you got here. Remember that they are, like you, volunteers and fans, and they like what they've done here. Approach your edits in the spirit of improving the wiki, rather than "putting your stamp on it" and your presence here will be a blessing, not one that is resented.

Try to be accurate in your statements and leave links and/or other verifiable source information in articles you edit. Feel free to add your opinions and feelings where it's appropriate and where it's clearly labeled as such. (Unlike Wikipedia articles, Wikia offer many opportunities to share your POV: point of view.)

For first-time editorsEdit

Please make Help:Contents over at the main Wikia site the first place you visit. It will have you editing in no time!

As a newcomer, please consider feeling your way around, learning how to edit by hitting the "edit" tab, and not starting off your career as an editor by vandalizing pages (if you add things to pages to "test" how to edit, it's vandalism if you hit the 'save page' button.)

There will be a great temptation to make a dozen edits in your first hour or two here. That's GREAT! But please make them quality edits that will make you a valued member of a team, not a "spoiler" who ruins what others have worked hard to create.

While it's not required before you start editing, registering and adopting a User name is a good idea. When people see your IP number - rather than a User name - they may assume you are here to vandalize pages, not contribute. If you are here to contribute, you'll want to establish a "good name" so let's see what that name is!

Interactivity and originalityEdit

We do not aim to be a clone of articles on Ancient Rome (which is, in fact, something not encouraged in Wikia projects like this.) While we seek original, sourced writing here as much as possible, use of excerpts from Wikipedia articles in articles here is certainly allowed, since this content shares the GNU Free Documentation License.

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