Virgil's Aeneid took place in post-Trojan War times. It was written in about 30 B.C.

Plot Edit

It starts the night the Greeks are released from the Trojan Horse. They slice the necks of drunk Trojans and burn the whole city. Aeneas is told to wake up. His wife, father, and young son take their belongings and hide in a ship. His wife follows, but dies in the confusion. That night, Aeneas leaves, but Juno, who has a hatred toward Trojans, blows him away to Crete. He leaves toward Carthage, where Queen Dido wants him to marry her. Mercury tells him to go. When he does, Dido screams and cries. She burns some belongings he left behind, and threw herself on them. She before cursed for a war between Carthage and Rome, soon to be called the Punic Wars. He lands on a Sicilian beach, where he rests. But for his father Anchises, that was the end of the journey. He is buried by Aeneas. He and his son go on through Scylla and Charybdis, and next he goes through the Underworld, where he meets his father and wife one last time, and his father shows them the unborn shades soon to be the patrons and important people of Rome. He goes to the Tiber River, where he meets a woman called Lavinia, a princess of the Latins. He finds out Turnus already asked to marry her, so they fight. After slicing Turnus to bits, Aeneas marries Lavinia and founds the Roman race.

Importance of the Aeneid Edit

Had this story not happened, we would not be here today. We would stay in the ancient world fighting others, un-Christian, and this world would be very boring.