The Year Article Project on the Romapedia Wikia is a project to create articles for each year a significant event in ancient Rome occured.

Example articles are 42 BC and AD 14.


  • "BC" is used for years Before Christ or Before the Common Era.
  • "AD" (Anno Domini or "year of our Lord," a Christian designation, also known as the Common Era) is used when an event stretches from a date BC to a date AD. A year AD is implied when used alone, even when not written.
  • Articles on the months and days of the month don't exist here and are not linked within articles, unless historically significant (dates such as June, July, and August - named for Caesars - and perhaps the Ides of March, may very well have articles themselves. They should be linked only from articles such as the Caesars to whom they relate.)
  • As in the examples above, the year article 42 BC is created using brackets - [[ and ]] - around the date as it appears in an article. The color red indicates that no article has yet been created for that year.
  • Place each year article in the Years category: Category:Years - added by using this code: [[Category:Years]].
  • As a general rule, Wikipedia articles for years may be used, but only material covering the Roman Empire should be cut-and-pasted to articles here (Wikipedia shares the same copyright status as the Romapedia Wikia, so it is okay to copy that content. Content from other sources, however, may be not be acceptable to use here.)
  • It is suggested that significant years - birth/death of emperors, succession dates, etc. - be the first to have articles created about them. If someone wants to create articles for entire decades or other significant dates, that would certainly be a welcome project. Make a note of your efforts here on this page.

Click on the "Category: Years" link at the bottom of this page to see what years have already been done.

Year timelineEdit

A simple Year timeline is currently used to guide readers to the previous few and next few years. If someone wants a more elaborate box format, please add it, but consider ease of use for everyone else.

  • Example: This text:
<center><-- [[45 BC]] - [[44 BC]] - [[43 BC]] - '''42 BC''' - [[41 BC]] - [[40 BC]] - [[39 BC]] -->

  • Gives you this:
<-- 45 BC - 44 BC - 43 BC - 42 BC - 41 BC - 40 BC - 39 BC -->

Project ParticipantsEdit

  • Sign your username here indicating you are helping with Year articles here, and what kinds of dates you're willing to create:
  • Nhprman 21:24, 11 August 2006 (UTC) - articles featuring succession dates of emperors
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